Are you too busy to be healthy? Too overwhelmed to think about better eating, better sleep, less stress, and exercise? Perfect—This is your year! And this course was made especially for you. 

No Regrets Resolution is a Health by the Bible © course taught by The Temple Fit Company, LLC (Temple Fit Co.). You will learn practical ways to thrive through wellness at work, at church, and at home. It is self-paced, and...

  • We guide you through 40+ days of personal wellness by the Bible. 

  • Lessons are perfect for the busy schedule—brief, and to the point. 

  • Daily morning meditation worksheets center your thoughts and goals for the day. 

  • Daily evening reflection worksheets help you exhale the day as you work on being a better you

  • Excerpts from Dr. Asha’s book Eat, Drink, Do guide you on practical ways to weave wellness into your everyday lifestyle. 

  • BONUS: You get five 30-minute workouts that can be done in your living room!

  • BONUS: You also get at least 3 yummy recipes each week.

We also have tips, advice, ideas, and motivation for you on our Instagram page @TempleFitCo. 

So stop stressing yourself with goals that you tend to regret by year’s end. Join us for the #NoRegretsResolution journey, and let’s thrive through wellness together!

About the instructor

Dr. Asha

Dr. Asha

Dr. Asha Fields Brewer is an author, speaker, educator, and mentor. She is the designer of the Health by the Bible © curriculum, and she is often requested to present on topics of personal wellness, self-care, and health empowerment. Dr. Asha earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Florida State University. She matriculated to Parker University in Dallas, TX, earning a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. She holds additional certifications in sports medicine, healthy lifestyle coaching, college life coaching, and event management. Her latest book Eat, Drink, Do outlines basic principles for living life abundantly. It is available at The Temple Fit Company, LLC equips businesses, churches, and families to thrive through wellness. Learn more at 

Course Curriculum